Corona Crypto

What is Corona Crypto?

Corona Crypto is a project that applies Blockchain technology to create an unchanged directional algorithm chain; make fund-raising data transparent through on-chain public archives; eliminate charitable organizations which are separate and unreliable to replace them with a divisional system — that is unchangeable and dispersible in preventing and stopping the Coronavirus from spreading globally.

Our Solution

− Creating a new application of assets on the advanced blockchain technology — a type of asset that is possible for every single person to contribute to the development and resolution of the world’s crisis problems.
− The amount of assets created on the Blockchain platform with the transparency of smart contracts will help all people in the world can own it and contribute to the development of the world to restore the economy, social life during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.
Platform of Corona Crypto
− Making the best use of blockchain technology to create a reliable, efficient, and mistake-free donation system
− Eliminating the intermediaries in a donation to prevent the spread of the coronavirus
− Creating a public data source to query donations since they are transferred from donators to beneficiaries;
− Bringing honest non-profit individuals or organizations to the Corona platform and creating transparent fund-raising campaigns using smart contracts.
− Creating a simple control platform for the government and its coordinators to review the organization’s financial transactions.

Mission — Vision — Target

1. Mission

Create a transparent Blockchain asset during the time of dealing with pandemic and post-pandemic periods, which circulating on the Blockchain space of the Binance Smart Chain platform.

2. Vision
Help reduce the impact of Covid-19 on society with transparent structures so donors will be able to know how their money is optimized.

3. Target
Communities join hands to help the world go through the crisis, reducing economic and human losses.



#Crypto Corona




Crypto Corona DeFi Smart Chain

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Corona Crypto

Corona Crypto

Crypto Corona DeFi Smart Chain

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