Our team of experts has investigated and discovered the great potential of blockchain in dealing with the coronavirus. We have developed a user-friendly and accessible solution that helps connect people all over the world to fight against the global pandemic.
• Making the best use of blockchain technology to create a reliable, efficient, and mistake-free donation system
• Eliminating the intermediaries in donation to prevent the spread of the coronavirus
• Creating a public data source to query donations since they are transferred from donators to beneficiaries;
• Bringing honest non-profit individuals or organizations to the Corona platform and creating transparent fund-raising campaigns using smart contracts.
• Creating a simple control platform for the government and its coordinators to review the organization’s financial transactions.

Corona project will allow sponsors to convert major cryptocurrencies into Corona Token at current exchange rates, while the integrated wallet will allow every registered user to easily manage and store tokens without using external services.
Donators can convert major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash, and BEP-20 into Corona Token with the purpose of helping prevent waves of pandemic and finding out vaccines as soon as possible.

NCOR Token

Creating a transparent Blockchain asset during the time of fighting with the pandemic and after the pandemic. A type of asset circulating on the Blockchain space of Binance Smart Chain.
Corona Project is a blockchain-based platform and provided by Corona tokens.
The number of asset codes created equals the existing world population. The number of Token symbol NCOR will be reduced (Burned) when the number of people in the world died from the epidemic, … With every death, there will be 100 tokens burned, the number of assets is reduced over time until the world overcomes the Coronavirus pandemic.
NCOR Token Information:

- Token Name: CoronaCrypto
- Symbol: NCOR
- Decimals: 18
- Network: Binance Smart Chain
- Platform: BEP-20
- Max Supply: 7,878,000,000

Corona Crypto

Crypto Corona DeFi Smart Chain

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